For over 110 years, consumers have trusted Genuine Thermos® Brand to provide quality insulated products. Thermos brand insulated products are built to last and provide convenient solutions for a more comfortable, enjoyable eating and drinking experience for people on the go, allowing consumers to make healthy choices on a daily basis.

Today, Thermos continues to flourish as a global manufacturer of an expanding range of innovative and technologically advanced consumer products. Thermos brand products that feature Thermos™ vacuum insulation technology are designed to deliver reliable temperature retention performance day-in and day-out. No matter what the day may bring, depend on Thermos brand superior insulated containers to keep food and beverages hotter, colder, fresher, longer. Thermos delivers when it matters most.

Genuine Thermos Brand products are made with carefully selected premium materials, and are manufactured for dependability and maximum performance. We ensure the excellence of our products by testing our material and performance quality throughout the manufacturing process, and we stand behind our strict quality standards. Consumers who choose Thermos brand products can feel safe and confident knowing that they are using high quality food and beverage storage options available. Hot Matters™. Cold Matters™. It Matters™.

In 2014, Thermos Group Companies acquired alfi GmbH, a world market leader in premium insulated containers, with headquarters in Wertheim, Germany. Currently available in 90 countries, alfi is a well-known brand in the housewares tabletop category and is widely known for its premium insulated carafes.

Always sure to capture the spirit of the time, alfi is constantly reinventing itself in combining quality and functionality. alfi has created an assortment of insulated products which not only have a high functional value and unmistakable design language, but also a genuinely iconic status and high level of prestige.

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