Seymours makes it easy for our business partners and community's by providing sustainable solutions economically , environmentally and socially.


Commit- we get things done with loyalty and integrity
Contribute- to our, customer's, community's, and teams
Care- For each other, a sustainable future, and our safety.

Seymour's don’t believe in unnecessary hierarchy and support open communication and collaboration to achieve win/win outcomes. Our team are hired on their drive for success and focus to make it easy for both our internal and external customer. We are focused on the health and safety of one another both in the work place and in out of work life. We believe family is important and support our team in supporting those near them.Seymour's have been trading since 1979 and is now a second generation family business.Seymour's are New Zealand's premier importer and wholesaler of home wares and household goods from all over the world,Our new purpose built centrally located Wellington Head Office and Distribution Center provides retailers with overnight delivery to 80% of the country for New Zealand. We also have a sales offices located in Auckland and Sydney and an office and our own distribution center in Melbourne, delivery quickly to our Australian clients. All Seymour's operations are staffed by our own team, providing seamless work flow and right work practices. Seymour's specialize in "just in time" vendor refill service. The company has a strong sales and distribution teams in each territory. Seymour's are renowned as a reliable and reputed supplier to all major retail chains.

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